PRM Software with Automated Certification Programs - A must-have for a successful channel partner onboarding program

Last week we spoke about the Training Playbooks and how they are an integral part of the channel partner engagement. This week we'll talk about the second element i.e. Automated Certification Programs which will focus on why a certification program is essential.

Automated Certification Programs

Merely training your channel partners is not enough. You need to make sure they have understood and can apply the knowledge you shared. One way to do this is through automated certification programs. Encourage your channel partners to take certification exams from time-to-time: upon introduction of a new product or service line, in the event of product updates, or even in general to ensure they are in touch with the features and benefits of your products/services that they are selling. After all, if they are to convince someone to buy a product or service, they have to be convinced of its benefits themselves.

Tip: Set-up 2-way alerts for your training and certification exams.

Have your channel partners get automated notifications when they are due to take an exam, their certification is about to expire, or a new certification requirement has been introduced. Conversely, you should get a notification when someone acts or when the results are in. This not only increases the chances of getting a response from your channel partners, but also helps you keep track of the most engaged channel partners. Check which partners are actively relating with your brand and which ones just don’t bother. Why invest your resources in partners who just don’t care to learn more about you?

Stay tuned until next week to learn about the third important element of your onboarding program...

Leading Partner Relationship Management , Channel Marketing and sales enablement software provider, Mindmatrix enhances its Asset Management Software to help salespeople and channel partners experience a more robust, guided sales process

The additional features work to offer channel partners and salespeople a clear roadmap to closing leads by making it easy for them to access the right assets, at the right time, faster

Mindmatrix has added a number of new features to the Asset Management Module of its channel and sales enablement software. These work to offer a better, guided sales process for its sales users. The new features include the addition of an asset configuration tab and a global asset search. The upgrade also boasts a sharper filter management. Users can assign multiple filters to assets, delivering laser-focused search results because the platform’s global asset search engine cuts across all asset categories.
The enhancement to the Asset Management Software also includes asset-opportunity integration. The Mindmatrix Asset Management Software automatically maps the assets to the opportunities and offers asset recommendations to the users. The filters may be linked to the buyer position in the sales cycle, asset type, or any other asset quality, helping users narrow down the search results.
Harbinder Khera, CEO, Mindmatrix says, “The core emphasis of Mindmatrix as a company and as a platform has always been about helping our clients sell more. We strongly believe that one key method to make this happen is by offering a guided sales process; one in which salespeople and channel partners are given a very clear roadmap that ends in a sale. A major element of this roadmap includes guidance on the use of sales and marketing assets. We figure that the easier you make it for the salespeople to use the assets, more likely they are to use them.” Quoting the American Marketing Association, Harbinder said, “According to the American Marketing Association, 95% of assets created by marketing are never really used by sales, while salespeople spend 30 hours a month searching for and creating their own selling materials. Our recent enhancements can help turn this around drastically by making it easy for salespeople and channel partners to locate the right sales or marketing asset quickly. By integrating the assets with the opportunities, by mapping them to the right buyer stages in the sales cycle, we are making it easy for salespeople and channel partners to find and use the assets."

3 Must-haves for a successful channel partner onboarding program

A successful onboarding program is the stepping stone for your channel partners when they sign up and serves as a guide for future action. Almost every vendor has an onboarding process in place, but a majority of them find that it doesn't lead to the results they seek. We tell you about 3 elements that can help you take your onboarding program to the next level:

Why you need a strong partner training and onboarding process
Training playbooks

When your channel partners sign up with you, they expect much more than a bunch of induction presentations and brochures. What they really need are plays for different scenarios or plays for prospects that are in different stages of the sales cycle. Channel playbooks fit this need perfectly. Create channel playbooks that are easy to understand and share them with your channel partners. Playbooks should help your channel partners understand the what, when, and how of prospect engagement—what to say to a prospect, when to say it and how to say it so they can respond to leads anywhere in the sales cycle. These are the 3 key questions that your playbooks should answer for your channel partners.

Tip: Make sure the playbooks are easy to access, use and are always up-to-date. Remember, the playbook is NOT an asset dump. Your channel partners shouldn’t have to sift through multiple folders and documents before they find the asset they require. Instead, it should be an organized collection of assets where they can quickly find what they need.

Next week, we will look at element #2 - Automated Certification Programs.

Are you helping your channel partners envision the path to success?

Just as in any other relationship, trust plays a major role in channel relationships. For your channel partners to sell your product or service wholeheartedly, they need to be convinced of its value and that it is saleable.

Channel Partners path to success
Show your channel partners the path to success by walking them through the initial deals. Close one or two deals for them, show your channel partners how it is done and watch them believe more in you, your products, and your sales process. By doing this, you not only convince them that your product/service is easily saleable, but also win your channel partner’s trust and confidence by proving that you are truly their partner in success.

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