Connecting Your Sales Enablement Software with Other Systems: PART - 2

Sales Enablement Software and Asset Management Integration:

Creating assets has become an integral part of any marketing or sales strategy. As prospects become wary of traditional advertising and direct mailers, marketers are adopting new content creation methods.

While this works for the goal of promoting the company’s products and services, it poses another question; how and where to store this wealth of assets that are created for this purpose?

Organizations need simple, unified sales enablement software that bridges the sales and marketing gap and incorporates tools for effective asset management. Implementing a sales enablement software that has inbuilt asset management functionalities works well in this case.

How this integration helps you:

  1. Scale sales organizations: Sales and marketing have independent access to the library, which means that sales doesn’t need to depend on marketing for crucial tasks like developing prospect data analysis, campaign-related collateral or asset creation tools.
  2. Improve sales workflow: Because salespeople know their customers best, it makes sense that they carry on upselling or cross-selling tasks as well. An asset system should allow sales to access relevant collateral on-demand as selling opportunities arise.
  3. Allows creation of high impact sales materials: Integrating Sales Enablement Software with asset management lets salespeople create personalized collateral without being required to be graphic designers. They allow salespeople to create personalized sales presentations, HTML emails, social media fan pages or even personal websites all by themselves.
Sales Enablement Software with asset management integration means that your sales team is in control of the assets that they need for their campaigns. Features like real time reporting and mobile access work in favor of the salespersons who are the actual end users of your assets.

Sales Enablement Software and Social Media Integration:

If your sales enablement software does not support Social Media, you are clearly missing out on the hottest marketing and sales tool. Since most of your prospects and leads are scouring the internet for product research, you have to make sure you are before them at all times.

Having an active online presence increases your chances of being found by your prospects. Also, Google ranks web pages based on how people are talking about you on social media. Through the many social networking sites, you cater to audiences on multiple platforms at once.

Social media integration with sales enablement software means being able to post on multiple platforms, measure, and track how prospects are receiving your content. Since the shelf life of a post is very limited on social networking sites, it becomes important to create timely and regular posts. There are quite a few systems that allow you to do so, but the focus is on providing insights from a marketing perspective.

Sales enablement software that allows salespeople to create their own social campaigns based on their understanding of prospects really adds value to your sales efforts. As it is very important for sales reps to be in constant touch with prospects, social media integration with sales enablement software can help your sales teams a great deal.

How this integration helps you:
  1. Publicity: social media is the electronic word of mouth, and your brand can receive immense publicity on these sites. (think viral ads or memes on Facebook, Twitter)
  2. Lead generation: As followers follow/share/like your brand of their own free will, you are more likely to have a list of concrete prospects.
  3. Automated social drips: This feature lets you create automated social drips so that you don’t have to worry about manually updating your content.
These are some of the most important and basic integrations you must consider to improve your sales effectiveness. Connecting with other systems that complement your sales enablement software completes the bigger picture for your organization.

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