Does your PRM Software let you market on behalf of your channel partners?

PRM software should empower vendors to engage in powerful social media and email marketing campaigns on behalf of channel partners

The key to strengthening channel partner relationships is making it easy for them to sell. And, one of the ways to do it is by running marketing and sales campaigns for them. Sounds like a lot of work? It doesn't have to be! When picking a PRM Software, just make sure it allows your corporate marketing teams to engage in marketing and sales campaigns for your channel partners. The on-behalf marketing feature of your PRM software will allow your corporate marketing teams to send emails and update social media pages on behalf of your channel partners, thus allowing you to help your channel partners build their local brand and successfully market and sell your products at the local level.

Your PRM Software may offer this feature is in addition to Content syndication, which will work automatically to customize sales and marketing assets to third party sites, such as social media platforms and partner portals for use at the local level. Content syndication makes channel partner marketing easy by offering corporate marketing teams an interface to create everything channel partners need from their corporate offices. This includes customized email campaigns, social media campaigns, landing pages, advertising campaigns and sales materials. All of these assets can be customized for each of your channel partners, helping them engage in local marketing effectively. Meanwhile, your corporate marketing teams still retain control over the brand and messaging.

We all know that effective marketing and brand building demands consistency, but often the channel partners are too busy selling to be consistent in social media or email marketing. Make sure your PRM software offers you ways to ensure your channel partners are consistently pushing your products and services on social media and via emails without taking their focus away from their main task at hand—selling. So, while your channel partners are off selling, your PRM software works with you behind the scenes to help build your brand and relationship with clients to help them close more leads for you, faster.

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