How Asset Management Software Resolves 3 Major Sales Challenges-- Part 2

Last week, we discussed 2 major sales challenges and spoke about how Asset Management Software resolved those. This week we take a look at challenge#3-Inability to find and access the asset on-demand.

Inability to find and access the asset on-demand
Salespeople should be focusing on selling. They should be talking to prospects, pitching to them, building relationship with clients, following up with them, and not spending their time looking for that presentation or brochure. But, the reality seems to be different. An asset management tool will bring some order to this chaos and make marketing and sales assets easily accessible to salespeople.

One of the reasons why the assets provided are not used as often is because salespeople rely on and are more comfortable with their CRM platforms and don’t like switching from one platform to another. They are more likely to use the assets provided to them if the assets are available in the CRM itself.

When your salespeople are on the move, they don’t have to wait until they get back to office to send that asset to the prospect they just met with. Asset management systems often allow salespeople to access the assets they need using their mobile devices such as a smartphone or a tablet. This helps your salespeople to be responsive to prospect’s interests no matter where they are or what they are doing. Moreover, asset management systems that integrate with CRMs ensure that your salespeople have access to the assets they need even from the CRM portal that they are using. Your salespeople are more likely to use the assets provided to them if the assets are available in the CRM itself, as they won’t have to switch back and forth between the two platforms and of course, nothing can beat the convenience of having the sales collateral in their beloved CRM.

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