How Asset Management Software Resolves 3 Major Sales Challenges-- Part 1

Your sales and marketing assets help your salespeople strike up a conversation with their prospects and also play a major role in keeping the conversation going until lead closure. No matter how well-trained or skilled your sales team is, they can’t do much without engaging, relevant content backing them. This makes asset management software an indispensable part of sales enablement. This blog post discusses how Asset Management Software resolves 3 major sales challenges-

Challenge #1-
The need to personalize sales communications
The benefits of personalized sales communication have been long proved.

Personalization, today, has many facets such as
  • Seller based personalization: Personalizing the sales/marketing asset to add the salesperson’s personal touch
  • Buyer based personalization: Customizing the sales/marketing collateral to reflect the recipient’s interest and need. This kind of personalization encompasses text and graphics

Companies and salespeople alike agree that personalized sales messaging plays a key role in buyer engagement. However, for a corporate marketing division to cater to the sales team’s demand for individualized sales and marketing materials on every front becomes challenging.

Sharing assets via the drive or email doesn't support automated asset personalization. A whitepaper shared by salesperson Sally will be the same as the one shared by Peter or Tom or Alice.

A strong asset management software will have the capability to personalize assets
automatically, allowing the corporate marketing team to create standardized assets,
which will be automatically customized to suit the salesperson and the end audience at the time of actual usage.

Challenge #2- Usage of wrong assets
Another challenge that salespeople face is the incorrect usage of assets. Salespeople have so many assets dumped on them from the corporate marketing department that often they are too confused to use them correctly. A product video? Is that pre-demo or post? That brochure with product benefits, should it be sent to the prospects at the start of the conversation or towards the end of the buyer’s journey to stress on the benefits they get by signing up? Where does that one pager fit in? Salespeople grapple with questions like these on a daily basis. And often end up using the assets to the best of their understanding, which may not be accurate. Also, in this process, a lot of assets get ignored by the salespeople who don’t know where to place them in the buyer’s journey.

An asset management software has the capability to gauge the prospect’s position in the sales cycle based on their online behavior and can prompt the salespeople on the assets to be used for each lead based on their interest level/sales cycle position.

Next week, we look at another major sales challenge--Inability to find and access the asset on-demand and explore how Asset Management Software can resolve that.

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