Channel Enablement Webinar Recording: Ten KPIs That Demonstrate Channel Value

Selling through channel partners is a great way to expand your sales reach and market coverage at lower sales costs. But, are you able to stay connected with every single partner as your partner base grows? As you grow, are you able to determine how each one is performing or are you simply going with the flow? The answer is usually no.

Naturally, revenue and profit are often see as a primary measure of channel success. But, there are 10 other Key Performance Indicators that can help you determine how well your channel partners are doing. This Mindmatrix-2112 webinar tells you exactly what these KPIs are and how significant they can be in your channel operations.

Hosted by industry expert Larry Walsh, the webinar presents a great opportunity to learn about the critical role these KPIs play in channel management. Click here to view the recording.

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