Mindmatrix PRM Software enhances the opportunity registration feature to enable channel partners and vendors to manage opportunities better

This upgrade further drives adoption of the Mindmatrix PRM software by strengthening the deal registration and opportunity management features 

Mindmatrix recently enhanced its PRM software to make its deal registration and opportunity management features more powerful. This enhancement offers a more precise understanding of the lead status in the sales cycle and, as a result, makes lead management more efficient. 

This is done by introducing a step-based process into the opportunity registration module, which allows for stepwise progression of leads from one stage to another. Mindmatrix PRM software tracks the progress of the opportunity at every step and updates their position in the sales funnel. The enhancement makes lead management better by mapping the progress of the lead from one stage to another and also by automatically recommending to channel partners/salespeople, the marketing or sales assets (including spec sheets, brochures, proposals and quotations) or campaigns to be used when communicating with the prospect at each stage of the opportunity.  

This enhancement also lends flexibility to the way in which opportunity information is captured and reflected in the system by allowing users to add custom fields and tabs to the opportunities. 

Mindmatrix CEO, Harbinder Khera says, “ One of the key things channel partners want from their vendors is security and protection of their interests. Our Partner Relationship management software’s deal registration system offered that anyway. But, we wanted to go a step beyond the mundane and this enhancement helped us do that. With this enhancement, not only can a channel partner stake their claim on the lead, but they will also be able to capture as much information about a lead as they want, as they want and then reach out to them with the right messaging at the right time.”

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