Mindmatrix marketing automation software introduces ‘Hotspots’

Users can now create interactive, attention-grabbing banners and images with hotspots in the marketing automation software platform

Mindmatrix marketing automation software’s new feature allows users to take their web-based marketing and sales assets to the next level by adding hotspots to the banners and images used in them. The hotspotted banners and images can then be made a part of internal playbooks, partner portal welcome page, channel, sales or marketing dashboards or even a part of an external web asset (using a system generated HTML code) created using the Mindmatrix marketing automation software, such as a landing page or a microsite.

Mindmatrix CEO, Harbinder Khera says, “Last month we introduced the interactive banner feature that let Mindmatrix users create attractive banners using text, images, videos, call to action buttons, slideshows and fancy animation styles. This month we enhanced them even more by adding the hotspot feature. Apart from using this in external assets, the hotspot feature can be used by companies internally to drive adoption and engagement of the Mindmatrix platform by their channel partners and salespeople. Companies can  use this feature for announcements, such as the addition of new sales assets, employee of the month, or availability of new MDF. These interactive banners can be put up on the welcome page of the partner portal or on the dashboard or in the internal playbook section, so it gets the channel partner’s/salesperson’s attention”

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