Measurement and ROI reporting as a channel marketing concierge service

If you want to fix bad partner engagement and performance issues, you need to be able to identify them first. That requires measuring channel performance. You can’t fix what you can’t measure. However, vendors often don’t know what their channel partners are up to. Did they take the latest certification program? How did they utilize the MDF? How many deals did they really close? Sometimes vendors are clueless about their channel partner’s activities and just assume they are doing fine. Whereas in reality, the channel partners couldn’t be more lost! This is a big piece in partner relationship management that is surprisingly ignored by many. You cannot fix what you can’t measure. If you want to determine the performance of your channel partners, you need to have metrics to rate their performance.

From your channel partner’s perspective, performance and ROI measurement are important because nobody likes to put in effort if they don’t know the results. Your channel partners would certainly like to know if they are succeeding. If there is no way to measure results, they will either be demotivated or continue to make those efforts irrespective of results--which is a waste of resources. However, your channel partners may not really have the time or expertise to create or understand complicated marketing reports and crunch the numbers to find out if the last email campaign they sent out did well.

Also, you may not have the time to consolidate every report from each channel partner and analyze them. It might be helpful to offer measurement and ROI reporting as a part of your channel marketing concierge services in this case. This helps you monitor and measure your channel partner’s performance and based on that, coach them—offer them the right training and tools to help them do better.

Investing in channel marketing concierge that offers measurement and ROI reporting services tells you, at any given point of time, what your channel partners are doing and more importantly, how they are doing, helping you monitor their performance consistently and coach, guide and support them until they are ready to fly on their own.

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