How complementing your PRM software with lead management services can help your channel partners sell more

Deploying a PRM software to assist your channel partners to sell effectively is great. But, did you know that complementing lead management services can help your channel partners sell more. Your channel partners have multiple vendors with leads flowing in from multiple sources. You can help your channel partners find method in this madness by offering them lead management services as a part of the channel marketing concierge service offering . Lead management services may include

Generating leads for your channel partners
Channel marketing concierge services can help your channel partners [behind the scenes] by generating leads for them. They can take work away from your channel partners without adding to yours. Using the sales and marketing enablement tools that you have invested in for your channel partners, channel marketing concierge service providers can create and run lead generating marketing and sales programs on-behalf of your channel partners.

Importing leads into the sales/marketing platform
So, you have provided your channel partners with a marketing and sales platform to help them push your products and services successfully. But do they really use it to its fullest potential? Do they diligently import leads into the system and automate the marketing process for them? Most likely, NO. Channel marketing concierge services take care of the ground work such as lead import, contact update, etc., into the system, making it easier for channel partners to actually put the marketing/sales platform into use.

Reaching out to leads at the right time (via automated emails) and staying in touch with them regularly using lead nurturing drips
Using channel marketing concierge services, you can help your channel partners nurture relationships with their prospects. Just as you need to stay in touch with your channel partners, your channel partners also have to engage their leads. Lead nurturing translates to lower lead drop rates and higher closure rates. A channel marketing concierge provider can help your channel partners nurture their leads throughout the buyer’s journey.

Pushing hot leads to channel partners 
Using the lead scoring, smart segmentation and routing tools, a Channel marketing concierge service provider can ensure only the best leads are sent to your channel partners. The better the lead quality sent to them, the better the chances of closure. That will make you their favorite vendor!

Your channel partners may not have the time or resources to engage in elaborate lead management processes. Plus, they don’t have the expertise to do that. Offering lead management as a part of your Channel marketing concierge services helps you bring your channel partners closer to success by giving them a clearer picture of their leads and also sends the message out that you are doing everything you can to make it easier for them to sell.

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