Creative and design agency, localization services: A must-have Channel Marketing Concierge Service

Inconsistent brand messaging is a typical challenge faced by companies that operate via the channel sales model. What happens when your channel partner network grows, but your corporate marketing team can’t scale up to match it? Well, you end up producing one-size-fits-all kind of marketing and sales content, which certainly don’t seem to work for your channel partners. That’s because while your corporate marketing team provides basic marketing materials to your channel partners, they need a little more.

For your brand to be recognized at local levels, your marketing and sales campaigns need to be localized--individualized for each market. Plus, your channel partner is your brand ambassador. You cannot afford to have any brand/messaging inconsistency there. At the corporate level, your marketing department certainly cannot meet each channel partner’s need for individualized marketing and sales collateral and in the rare cases where channel partners try to tailor the corporate marketing and sales materials, the results are usually disastrous.

A channel marketing concierge service that offers creative design, branding, campaign localization and local language support may be the answer to this challenge.

By tying up with a creative/design agency to offer your channel partners to co-brand, tailor marketing and sales collateral, you can ensure your brand messaging stays content, still appealing to your end audience at the local level.

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