Reasons why your investment in channel marketing automation may fail

You might have heard a lot about how channel marketing automation software can help you grow your business, but did you know that there’s a good chance it may not work? Most vendors invest in channel marketing automation software expecting immediate results. After all, more leads and faster customer sign ups were promised, right? Then, what goes wrong? Here’s a list

No marketing/sales gameplan
Your channel partners have multiple vendors and they promote multiple products/services. With their attention divided, your channel partners may not be able to tell your story in the same way (as good as) you. Provide them with a custom marketing/sales gameplan that they can put to work using your channel marketing automation software.

No fresh, relevant, content
When it comes to marketing your products and services, content is the king. No matter how good your channel marketing automation software, it won’t work unless you feed fresh content into it: content that helps your channel partners to keep your customers and leads engaged.

No sales-marketing concierge services
Let’s say your channel partners are highly engaged and do adopt your new channel marketing automation software, but, they still won’t have the time to work in it consistently. If you want your investment in channel marketing automation software to truly pay off, you need to deploy virtual resources who can work in the channel marketing automation software for your channel partners, taking care of the mundane, regular tasks such as running marketing and sales campaigns or importing lead lists, etc.for them.

Your channel partners already have too much going on to spend time learning to use new channel marketing tools. That is why you need a channel marketing automation software vendor who covers all the loose ends. Someone who will be your trusted partner in your channel marketing enablement effort. Not someone who just sells you a channel marketing automation platform and then leaves it up to you to figure out how to make the most of it.

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