7 steps to better cloud partner relationship management- Part-2

Last week we discussed 3 basic requirements of an effective cloud channel network. As the concluding part this week, we tell you the 4 other must-haves for building a cloud channel partner network that yields the results you seek.

#4: Alignment of corporate marketing function with partner sales
Another challenge that the channel based cloud sales model brings is a lack of local marketing and sales communication. For your sales to truly take off at local levels, you need great marketing and sales campaigns, designed for the local audience. You may be a brand, but for the end consumer, it is all about who they are buying from. If you want your partners to be able to sell your products/services effectively, you need to make them a part of your brand.

#5: Lower your channel partner’s dependence on corporate marketing
One of the reasons why your cloud channel partners aren't able to push your products as effectively as they'd like to is lack of support from you as a vendor. Your corporate marketing team is too busy to offer individualized support to each channel partner. As a result, your channel partners are not in a position to sell the vendor's products/services as aggressively as they'd like to.
Your channel partners look up to you to protect their interests. Channel conflicts can  strain your channel relationships and cost you valued channel partners. One way to avoid channel conflicts is by putting a solid deal registration mechanism in place. This allows vendors to control the flow of leads to their channel partners and with every lead needing the vendor's approval, the chances of two channel partners pursuing the same lead drops to zero.

#7: Partner portals
As a vendor, you know the importance of having channel partners who share your marketing and sales vision. But, more often than not, you find it challenging to pull them onto the same page. Channel partner portals are a great way to resolve this challenge. Partner portals make communication easy and consistent.

You know you are not the only vendor for your channel partners, but you want to be their favorite. If you want them to push your products ahead of your competitor's, then you need to make it easy for them to sell your products. That’s it in this post, but don’t forget to watch the Mindmatrix-2112 Webinar Recording on Building a Cloud Channel.

We have Larry Walsh, CEO & Chief Analyst of the 2112 group talking about

  • The most important attributes for a successful cloud channel environment
  • How you can create a strong network of channel partners to sell your cloud services
  • The best practices in cloud network building
  • How you can create a guided sales process for your cloud channel partners

Please click here to watch the webinar recording !

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