7 steps to better cloud partner relationship management- Part-1

As a cloud service provider, you represent the future of technology delivery and consumption. But while the cloud is revolutionary, that doesn’t mean you don’t  still need effective channels to reach your target markets and nail down new sales. Starting this week, we have a 2-part blog series that tells how you, as a cloud service vendor can help make your cloud channel more effective...in 7 easy steps.

#1:Channel partner visibility
One of the key challenges cloud vendors face with the channel sales model is lack of channel partner visibility. Most vendors find that they have no clue what their channel partners are up to. Are your channel partners targeting the right kind of leads? How are your channel partners following up with their leads? Getting 360-degree channel partner visibility is the first step to successful cloud channel management.

#2:Guided sales process
Giving your channel partners a guided sales process helps them sell more effectively. This is where setting up channel sales playbooks can help you. A channel sales playbook is a systematic organization of all marketing and sales assets and data that your cloud channel partners will need to push your services.
Your training and partner onboarding program plays a key role in helping your channel partners sell effectively. Make sure your training and onboarding program  spells out the sales process clearly. Define the process flow for all types of leads and all steps in your sales cycle and document all the sales best practices are and make them available to your channel partners.

Liked what you read? Then you might want to watch the Mindmatrix-2112 Webinar on Building a Cloud Channel. Larry Walsh, CEO & Chief Analyst of the 2112 group discusses

  • What are the most important attributes for a successful cloud channel environment
  • How you can create a strong network of channel partners to sell your cloud services
  • What are best practices in cloud network building
  • How you can create a guided sales process for your cloud channel partners

Click here to watch the webinar recording now!

Don’t forget to stop by next week for the concluding piece to this series.

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