Getting more out of your PRM Software

You know that selling through channel partners presents unique challenges, which is why you have invested in a PRM software but, are you still struggling to get your channel partners on the same page as you? How do you get them to push your products or services as well as you’d like them to? This post tells you how you can get that “something extra” from your PRM software to fill that gap.

Offer the right training
You may have recruited the best partners, but have you offered them the best training? How strong is your partner on-boarding process? Does it cover every aspect of your business and product/service line that your channel partner needs to know? If you want your channel partners to sell your product the way you would do it yourself, a strong partner on-boarding and training process is a must. It enables your partners to understand your market, product and selling methodology as well as you do.

Offer the right tools
What tools are you giving your channels partners to help them sell? Are your channel partners relying on a set of outdated presentations and other sales collateral to pitch your product/service? Provide your channel partners with tools that help them sell your product effectively.The right selling tools for channel partners include-

Offer support
One of the key ways to differentiate yourself from your competitors is by offering complete support. Support your channel partners with playbooks and documented sales processes, so they know exactly which way to go. If you have provided your channels with a PRM software, then make sure it is easy-to-use and the vendor offers strong technical support.

Lead registrations and MDF fund management
How easy is it for your channel partners to register their leads or apply for MDF funds? By making mundane administrative processes easier, you are giving your channel partner more time to focus on the real stuff:selling.

Despite spending a sizable amount on partner relationship management program and channel marketing automation softwares, companies often find that there is a gap between their expectations versus actual channel partner performance. Companies can bridge that gap by partnering with a channel enablement company that takes care of every element involved in PRM and Channel Marketing Enablement-- from attracting the right channel partner, on-boarding them, providing them with the tools they need to sell to offering the right kind of support, so you and your channel partner can benefit from the relationship.

About Mindmatrix
Mindmatrix offers Channel & Sales Enablement software for direct and indirect sales channels. Mindmatrix is  the only provider  of a Single Unified Platform that combines PRM software, Direct Sales and Channel Enablement, Channel Marketing Software, Marketing Automation software and Marketing Asset Management. Mindmatrix takes you through every step in the sales process from lead to revenue, enabling your salespeople and channel partners to sell more, faster.

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