Keep your channel partners committed to you...always with a PRM software

Keep your channel partners committed
If you thought attracting, recruiting and onboarding the right channel partners was a challenge, a bigger challenge awaits: keeping them engaged. Keeping your channel partners committed to your brand takes a lot more than annual lunch and learns. It takes a lot more than quarterly meetings. Keeping your channel partners engaged takes continuous interaction—it requires staying in touch at regular intervals: ‘checking-in’ if things are going smoothly; offering that much needed ‘pat-on-the-back’ to encourage them; and having ‘the talk’ about your channel relationship not heading where you wanted it to.

Tip: Invest in a PRM software that lets you nurture your relationship with your channel partners. Create partner engagement email or SMS drips that keep you in touch with your channel partners automatically, even while you are focusing on other, more important aspects of your business. Imagine sending them personalized, automated, regular updates about your products/services, upcoming training/certification programs, new marketing campaigns, brand positioning and values, etc. That will automatically increase their interest and engagement levels and keep them committed to your brand.

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