3 Must-haves for a successful channel partner onboarding program

A successful onboarding program is the stepping stone for your channel partners when they sign up and serves as a guide for future action. Almost every vendor has an onboarding process in place, but a majority of them find that it doesn't lead to the results they seek. We tell you about 3 elements that can help you take your onboarding program to the next level:

Why you need a strong partner training and onboarding process
Training playbooks

When your channel partners sign up with you, they expect much more than a bunch of induction presentations and brochures. What they really need are plays for different scenarios or plays for prospects that are in different stages of the sales cycle. Channel playbooks fit this need perfectly. Create channel playbooks that are easy to understand and share them with your channel partners. Playbooks should help your channel partners understand the what, when, and how of prospect engagement—what to say to a prospect, when to say it and how to say it so they can respond to leads anywhere in the sales cycle. These are the 3 key questions that your playbooks should answer for your channel partners.

Tip: Make sure the playbooks are easy to access, use and are always up-to-date. Remember, the playbook is NOT an asset dump. Your channel partners shouldn’t have to sift through multiple folders and documents before they find the asset they require. Instead, it should be an organized collection of assets where they can quickly find what they need.

Next week, we will look at element #2 - Automated Certification Programs.

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