Mindmatrix's channel marketing automation software now offers asset approval and expiration feature

Helps ensure sales and marketing networks have access to the most recent version of assets

Mindmatrix recently made ‘Asset Approval and Expiration’ a part of its channel marketing automation software with the goal of assuring the most accurate usage of every asset.

Asset Approval and Expiration
The asset approval feature allows the asset creator to ensure the asset cannot be used without their consent. When the asset approval option is turned on for an asset, salespeople or channel partners won’t be able to use that asset until they get an approval from the administrator. This prevents unauthorized or incorrect usage of assets.

The asset expiration module ensures time-bound assets are made unavailable beyond a set date by allowing the creator to specify an expiration date or a validity period for the asset. This feature ensures time-bound assets such as tradeshow or webinar invitations or discount coupons that are past their dates, are not accidentally shared. Also, when a new version of an asset is released, the creator can set an expiration date for the older version so it is no longer accessible.

Harbinder Khera, CEO, Mindmatrix says, “Companies often discover their salespeople and channel partners are using outdated or distorted versions of sales collateral. Also, in a bid to personalize or localize their sales communications, channel partners and salespeople end up creating multiple versions of the sales materials and start using it at individual levels. This poses a challenge for corporate marketing teams. They can never be 100% sure that all their sales networks have access to the most recent version of all the sales and marketing materials. Mindmatrix channel marketing automation software’s asset approval and expiration feature makes sure they don’t have to worry about salespeople and channel partners not using the latest and most accurate versions of sales and marketing assets“.

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