How Channel Marketing Software lets you Optimize Marketing’s Time

Marketing teams spend a lot of time creating the perfect assets to go with their messaging.

However, did you know that a majority of channel partners don’t use the collateral provided by corporate marketing? The reasons cited vary from a lack of personalization to the irrelevancy of the messaging. While marketing is usually concerned with the overall look and feel of the sales assets, channel partners are generally more concerned about how the content of the brochure appeals to the specific prospect. When they see that the existing collateral doesn’t necessarily meet this requirement, they just brush it aside and go on to create their own sales collateral. Or worse, they market someone else’s product.

Marketing assets cannot be labelled perfect based on their creativity or design. The potential of a whitepaper or an email copy can be judged only by the response it generates.  

Get More Out of your Marketing Time by Optimizing Marketing’s Time
Optimize Marketing's Time
You must be able to answer questions like :
  • What is the end result of this time spent?
  • Do these collateral always convert leads?
  •  How many leads?
  • Are channel partners satisfied with the collateral created by marketing teams?

Channel marketing software can measure the effectiveness of your marketing collateral. Track and measure the effectiveness of your assets: whitepapers, case studies, brochures or blogs. This lets you spend more time on the assets that get results and stop supporting the ineffective ones.

Asset duplication is another challenge that most organizations face. Usually marketing and sales assets pass through a lot of hands and end up being duplicated. As a result, you have quite a few versions of any given asset. Channel marketing software with asset management features lets you store all your collateral in a central repository and not on individual systems, making them accessible to  all of your channel partners.

However, when looking to invest in a channel marketing software, look for a holistic asset management system like Mindmatrix that provides a complete asset solution that lets you create and store assets easily. It lets you tag your assets with keywords so partners don’t waste time finding one or duplicating an existing asset. It lets them easily find and personalize the appropriate sales and marketing assets, while marketing still controls the branding and limits what channels are allowed to personalize.

RESULTS - If your channel partners find your marketing assets easy to access, and easy to make relevant, you can become their favorite brand to promote.

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