Easy Social Media Selling Tips

Social media has changed how marketers and consumers communicate. From product research to post purchase behavior, social media has affected the buying cycle in a huge way. In a study conducted by Deloitte Touché, it was revealed that 90% of buyers find consumer generated reviews as reliable, while 80% agree that these reviews have affected their buying pattern.

With almost 2 billion people using these sites, your exposure is much greater than on any other medium. Every business understands the potential that social holds for them. Social media can be a crucial sales prospecting and networking tool. For many sales reps it is now the first point of contact with prospects.

What is social selling?

Social selling means salespeople using social media to interact and sell directly to their prospects.Though the definition is simple, the process isn’t. Social selling requires salespeople to:
Easy Social Media Selling Tips
Easy Social Media Selling Tips

  • Connect to the right prospects on social platforms.
  •  Aid their buying process by providing relevant, useful content, over and over again.
  • Answer queries they may have.

This seemingly challenging task can be simplified with the use of a comprehensive sales enablement platform. Being sales-centric, this platform helps salespeople sell effectively via social networks.To close any sale, identifying and connecting with prospects is the first step.Contrary to tradition, identifying prospects is no longer restricted to marketing teams alone. Sales teams are equally adept at identifying who their future customers can be.

Using sales enablement software, sales teams can follow and connect with the right prospects at the right time. The system tracks prospect activity across all online and offline channels and interprets the data in a simplified format.Using this data, sales reps can identify key prospects, know how to connect with them and provide the information prospects are looking for.

Businesses can use this data mine to engage prospects in a meaningful conversation with their brands. Engaging prospects from the beginning helps create a relationship between your reps and prospects. Sales teams are enabled so they can share relevant content with prospects from time to time guiding them throughout their buying cycle. Engaging prospects early on in the buying cycle builds their confidence in your reps and your brand.

Social selling, however, doesn’t stop with the sale. For a post-purchase relationship, reps can use the social listening feature to stay in tune with what customers are saying about your brand, and respond in real time.

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