Have you enabled your sales team this holiday season?

A recent study by Adobe hints that online shopping will see a significant rise this year. It goes on to state that 31% of online sales will be generated via smartphones and tablets, up from 21% in 2013.

Over the last year, online shopping has received a major boost owing to a number of retailers working hard on their big data and personalization techniques. The giants have always been doing this, and now smaller retailers have joined in.

How are you going to sell better this season?

An all-round analytical view of the data you are collecting is going to be the source of change for you this year. For example, it can help you understand the kind of merchandise you should be stocking. Your website can give you excellent insight into the kind of customers you can expect this season. Which age groups are most likely to visit your stores? What is the most trending item in your inventory? Use these pieces of information to stock your store, because the last thing you want is to run out of stock in the midst of a high-demand sale day or have overstock that has to be remaindered come January.

Do you have the right tools?

Big data can prove highly beneficial when your sales reps have access to it. Sales enablement solutions can help you to effectively slice and dice the data and present it to your reps in an articulate way that helps them to analyze and act upon that data. Provide them with real time analytics that will provide awareness of the kind of buyers to expect.

Your sales reps are your front line with the customer. Make sure that they are well-trained for this season. Also, this is a season when retail hires extra reps to meet the high demand. But these newbies will only be effective if  you are on-boarding and training them the right way.

Your reps need a tool that is all encompassing, covering every stage of the buyer’s cycle from prospecting to cross selling or upselling and even beyond.
Are your reps ready to face any and every kind of customer that walks in?

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