The 4 "Must Haves" of a Sales Enablement App

Sales reps are like the nomads of the corporate world. Always in search of greener pastures for your company, you may be moving from one place to another without as much as glancing at your watch. 
Your day is an endless list of appointments and exhibitions and trade shows to attend. 
This can often leave you with very little time to go through the latest updates on your prospects and other sales related tasks.

Your demanding schedule may not always allow you to do so. So you end up with no other option but to do this task once you get back home or before you leave for work.
Investing in a mobile app can be the solution to deal with this problem. We are glad to announce that Mindmatrix is available as an app for all iPhone and android devices.

Let’s take a look at what functionality a mobile app should provide:
View reports: One of the most important things that you do on your sales enablement platform is getting your lead insight. In the mobile app, you can get an extensive, detailed feed of your leads. You can also sort and filter the activities of the leads as per your choice. For instance, you can view activities of only your active leads or only for your anonymous leads. You also receive the feeds of the latest activities of your contacts.

Manage contacts: As you view these insights, you also get the option to carry out activities like editing, calling or emailing the contact. Apart from the existing ones, you can add new contacts to your database. If you want to group selective contacts in a separate list, you can do that here. You can use this feature to segregate groups of leads depending on the product you want to sell, on which stage of the sales cycle they stand or depending on their geographic location.

Send emails:  As constant interaction with leads and prospects and customers is core to you, sending emails is a very important and useful feature for sales reps.  You can access any email template you wish and personalize it using your contact database to send to your leads. This means that you don’t have to bother about sending emails at odd hours of the day. You set a reminder for your pre-drafted email and send it on time irrespective of where you are.

Sales playbooks: Lastly, you can access the sales playbooks on the go on your mobile app. You can create and store playbooks for campaign related stuff or sales training related videos and documents. All your sales team members can access these on their phones. So you can save time by going through these videos when you are in transit.

You receive real time notification and alerts on your phone thus ensuring that you are always updated with all the data and feeds that you need at any given time.
Are you able to do all this with your existing sales enablement platform? If you are interested in learning about our features, contact us here.

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