Make Big Data More Than A Buzzword

Big data can be invaluable, provided you know what to do with it. But Big Data is just a buzzword if you don’t have the knowledge (or the right software) that can transform big data into actionable data.

The following is a checklist that can help you answer if your current sales enablement and marketing automation software is helping you create Actionable Big Data:

  • Does your software integrate and gather the data in a unified format?
  • Is there scope for data segmentation in your marketing software?
  •  Is this data understandable by the non-techies of your organization?
  • Does this data contribute to planning your marketing and sales strategies?
  • Can you run automated campaigns using this data?
  • Can you run campaigns across multi-channels like social media, e-mails or SMS?
  •  Are you able to create offline collateral using big data?
  • Are you able to personalize your campaigns based on big data analytics?
  • Do you receive timely notifications or alerts about your prospect behavior?
  • Does your big data tap into ALL forms of customer touch points (online and offline)?
  • Does your big data enable you to up sell or cross-sell to your existing customer?

If any of your answers to the above questions is a no, you should think twice about the marketing automation software you’re using.

Along with asset management, channel sales and marketing automation functionality, the Mindmatrix platform also offers various components that will help you create action based marketing and sales decisions. You can now apply all of the (big) data you've collected about your customers to drive sales. 

For more information on the leader in sales enablement, visit Mindmatrix.

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