Using Marketing Automation to Create Personalized Content

When Google introduced search personalization, it brought about a revolution of sorts.  

The search results became customized to suit the demographics and previous search history of the user. Google could now predict what its users were looking for. And sometimes, even dictate to its users what they should look for, instead. It was then, that marketers realized that infusing a similar strategy could work well for them, too.

What is content personalization? Content personalization is defined as a strategy that relies on visitor data to deliver relevant content tailored to audience interests and motivations.

Why content personalization? Let me answer this with a question: Doesn't a personalized made-to-order birthday gift from your partner speak volumes of your importance in his/her life? This is exactly what personalized content can do for your prospects.   

Here are 4 reasons why a marketer needs to imbibe personalized content in their communication:

1.   Studies reveal that personalization shortens the sales cycle and increases customer retention and revenue by over 40%.

2.   You are not the only marketer to email your prospects. But, personalized, relevant content can help you stand out in the crowd or help your voice to cut through all the noise that exists. Suppose Smokin Pizza has special discounts during the football season. By using contact based personalization, Smokin Pizza can send highly personalized e-mails to all its patrons, based on their location.  

3.   If your content is prospect specific, they know you email them ONLY for their needs… unlike the others who are constantly selling something, you can be the marketer who is only trying to sell something that they need.

4.   Ever checked the promotional links sent by in your inbox? As a frequent shopper from Amazon, it’s a delight to receive relevant links regularly in my e-mail more likely to open these emails as they are usually targeted to me. Similarly, sending your prospects what they like is a sure way of channeling traffic directly to your website or blogs.

With Google Search leading the “personalization campaign,” followed closely by others like Amazon, Netflicks and Flipboard, more and more marketers are following suit. Whether you run a small business or a large one, personalization can take your marketing campaign a long, long way.

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