Lead Nurturing Functionality in Marketing Automation Software is a Top Requirement.

The ability to capture high quality leads and nurture them is paramount to an organization’s success. Recently, Software Advice completed a survey that asked participants to name the number one functionality they were looking for in a Marketing Automation solution.

Lead nurturing topped the list of desired capabilities (ahead of marketing analytics and lead scoring), with 40% of buyers requesting this feature. This number shows that more companies, both large and small, are looking at ways they can lead their prospects through the buying cycle.

Enter in the Mindmatrix Revenue Growth Platform. The Mindmatrix platform focuses on bottom of the sales funnel optimization to empower sales people to close more deals more efficiently by using playbooks and personalized sales collateral.  

Our platform allows you to keep in touch with your prospects and stay top of mind through personalized interactions, such as:
  1. Creation of relevant content for each one of your prospects. You’ll now be able to speak to each of one of your prospect’s needs through customization and personalization of sales and marketing collateral.
  2. Social Media Automation will allow you to use the correct mix of marketing channels to reach your prospects where they are listening.
  3. Sending newsletters, coupons, and other promotions that you can push out on a regular basis to your database will create a “top of mind” approach that will keep you in the conversation when your prospects are thinking about who to buy from.
“We chose to include Mindmatrix in the Marketing Automation UserView Survey because their solution is focused on delivering functionality that can serve both sales and marketing in a variety of industry verticals. Support for content personalization is especially strong with features to manage personalization within email, Web pages, Powerpoint and online or printed PDFs, making it easier for any business user to engage prospects with personalized messaging,” said Derek Singleton, Marketing Automation Analyst.

In order to have a successful lead nurturing process it will take inclusion of content creation, design, lead tracking, personalization and lead scoring. Utilizing the Mindmatrix Revenue Growth Platform can help you to streamline your efforts and drive success. 

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