The Marketing Automation Software Quiz. Take this quiz to find out how effective your marketing automation is…

Has your sales cycle shortened?

A good marketing automation software will help your business enjoy a shorter sales cycle thanks to better lead focus and quality lead generation

Are your conversion rates heading up?

Smart marketing automation software will help your conversion rates head north by automatically nurturing your cold/not-so-warm leads until they are sales ready. That means, your sales team gets well nurtured leads that are ready to make a purchase—that means better conversion rates.

Have you established a personal relationship with your contacts?

Best marketing automation software programs help you establish a personal relationship with your contacts. They help you engage in personalized marketing and sales strategies with ease.

How good is your marketing support?

Great marketing automation software programs are those which put an end to the sales-marketing disconnect by aligning sales and marketing functions seamlessly. Some signs of seamless sales marketing alignment include—good marketing support for sales across all prospect touch-points, having the sales collateral ready on time, getting quality leads and even having complete prospect data that allows the marketing team to pitch the right products/services—cross-selling and up-selling based on past purchases and post-sales behavior.

Having your sales is on the road is no impediment to client communications

A next-generation marketing automation software will provide you with the tools you need to communicate with prospects and customers, even your sales team is on the move. It can be an iPhone app or an android application that helps your sales team stay in touch with their prospects, or a simple desktop alert that helps you understand key prospect reactions and behavior.

If the answer to all these questions is “YES”, then your marketing automation software is doing its job…

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