Are you Omnipresent?

A recent infographic at, talks of omnichannel loyalty—meaning an enterprise level initiative to track customer loyalty across multiple marketing and sales channels. Today’s customer has multiple ways to stay in touch with the business. Whether it’s through her smartphones, laptops, calling up customer care divisions or by directly visiting the brick and mortar locations of the business. The challenge faced by businesses is to aggregate all of these touch points to get a clear picture of customer experience across each of these. Thus, cross-channel customer intelligence is what businesses should be aiming for.

However, how many businesses are actually able to attain this or better still utilize it to the fullest? Turns out, not many…As per the infographic, only 10% of such real-time useful customer data is actually leveraged for further interaction. That means, 90% of the times, customer data is untapped or unused.

This is where good marketing automation software platforms can come into the picture. A good marketing automation software aligns sales and marketing aspects of the business and unifies customer data across multiple channels, effectively. This data is then leveraged to offer relevant, personalized marketing and sales communications to the customer that truly adds value to them.

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