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When people think of running their own business, they often ignore the smaller elements. As a start-up business owner you will find yourself playing the roles of a salesperson and a marketer as well, but without formal training, things can get challenging. Here are some tips that you can use to market your small business venture better.

#1 Create a strong personal brand: When it comes to small business, your brand is same as that of your businesses. So make sure you develop a strong, positive personal brand image of yourself.  The better you market yourself, the better your business is marketed—automatically.

#2 Customer relationship management: Running a successful small business is all about maintaining relationships with your prospects and customers. Most of the marketing for a small business happens through word-of-mouth. Provide excellent products and services to your customers and they’ll recommend you to ten other people they know. One bad experience and they’ll talk about it to twenty people they know. And remember, the biggest value of one customer is the value of their  repeat business. So, be sure that you treat your customers with  respect and care. Customer relationship management is the key to keep customers coming back to you for more!

#3 Marketing communication strategy: Outline your marketing communication strategy. Decide what media you will be using to market your business, create your marketing content, and decide which marketing content goes where.

#4 It’s not about you…it’s about them: Remember that you are in the business for your prospects…and this should be reflected in your marketing. Make sure all your marketing and sales materials talk about your product from the buyer’s perspective.  If you are selling candles, don’t just talk about how attractive they are, instead talk about how they can add charm to the buyer’s home setting. Also, ensure that the product/service you provide is of the best quality and actually adds value to your buyers. Like we said before…this is not about you, but them.

#5 Master different marketing media: The advantage of being a small business owner in these times is that you have great technologies at work for you. Social media, e-mail marketing, landing pages, websites and classified listing sites—all superb avenues to market your business offerings. However the challenge is to strike a balance between all of these and in picking the right media for the right prospect and situation.

Remember, it’s great to look at the big picture and dream of the success you’ll be met with when you own a successful business, but it’s also important not to forget the smaller elements that actually make it work.

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  1. Great post to read. It provides superb tips for smal business. Thank you for sharing this.


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