Getting your Press Releases the attention they deserve

Press releases are a great way to get the word out about your business. But  marketers often find that their press releases fail to make the desired impact. Here are a few tips to increase  the visibility of your press releases

1.  Optimize for Search Engines: Press releases can be great sources of content that drive traffic back to your site, provided you optimize them for the search engines. You can do so by using keywords in your press-release heading, sub-headings and in the body. However, ensure the keywords are appropriate to the context and don’t sound forced.

2.    Add value: Make your press releases as value-adding as possible. Even though the press release is about your company, position it in a way that it appeals to your prospects/customers. For example—a press release talking about addition of 25 new employees is more appealing to your customers when you say, “MindMatrix adds 25 employees to enhance customer experience," rather than saying, “MindMatrix grows by 25 employees this quarter”.

3.    Short and simple: Keep your press releases short and to the point. The attention span of people reading about others is really short!

4.     Publicize your press release: Sure, your paid press release submission portal will be pushing your news item to some avenues, but you also need to spread it around the web. Apart from your website, you could put up your press release on your monthly newsletter, social media sites, free press release sites, etc.

While you could always try to post the press releases manually at multiple sites, marketing automation can help you get greater exposure for your press releases through high-end content syndication capabilities.

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