Drip Marketing Campaigns - Writing to Attract Attention

I wrote last week about avoiding jargon in your communications. This is especially important in email campaigns.  Emails sent to potential customers need to be brief. Very Brief!

The core of your message needs to expressed very quickly, and as clearly as possible. Any hackneyed phrase will go right past your reader, and they won't stop to consider your message.

Make it clear, in the opening line, that you have something very concrete  that can help them.


Instead, ask a specific question, or make a concrete statement that is directly relevant to them

"Do your sales people waste too much time on poor leads?"

             "Do you need a cheaper way to catch a mouse?"

                         "Our mousetraps are gluten-free and 25% more effective!"

These examples catch the reader with a clear bait that tries to address a need they may have.

Consider this straightforward approach as you begin writing emails for your next drip campaign. 

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