Why Sales and Marketing Alignment is a Must for Your Business’ Success

Sales and marketing alignment involves bringing the two core functions of a business—sales and marketing on the same platform. This seems pretty logical from the fact that ultimately sales and marketing are both working towards a single aim—revenue generation for the company. However, more often than not, each of these functions adopts a different approach towards this aim. A study by the CMO concluded that 30% of times sales believes marketing is not in sync with the prospects and hence ignores key areas such as customer acquisition and retention. In fact, only 7% of the respondents said that sales and marketing worked together very effectively.  Here are top 6 reasons why sales and marketing alignment is a must for your business’ success:

Better marketing support for sales: By aligning sales and marketing, businesses can enjoy better marketing support for sales. A real-time, 360° view of prospects and their interactions with the business will help marketing become proactive. Instead, marketing will be able to anticipate prospect related sales requirements and offer sales the kind of support they need, on-demand.

Enhanced buyer experience: Well synchronized sales and marketing functions enable marketing to provide the sales teams with personalized sales materials that enhance buyer experience through a higher degree of relevance, consistency and personalization.

Improved lead quality and shorter sales cycles: With a 360° real-time view of prospects, marketing will be able to decipher which prospects are truly sales-ready and which ones need to be nurtured. As a result, only the best leads would be passed on to sales, while marketing will continue to cultivate others till they are better qualified. From the sales perspective, improved lead quality leads to shorter sales cycles, as the time taken to close a deal is shorter.

Better Lead Management: Sales-marketing alignment promotes better lead management by bridging the gap between the parties involved in lead creation and follow-up. So, if 25% of the leads provided by marketing don’t turn into sales, the company has access to relevant data to evaluate where in the ensuing sales process a lead failed.

Improved marketing & sales ROI: Real time prospect insight provides information that helps marketing focus its efforts and resources on the most likely prospects as a result increasing the returns on marketing and sales investments.

Personalization: By bridging the gap between lead creation and follow-up. Closed loop marketing yields data that will allow every subsequent follow-up with a specific contact to become more focused and increasingly respond to their needs and expectations. The company will be able to adopt a higher degree of personalization in its marketing efforts and product offerings.

For a business to be able to reach its ultimate aim of customer satisfaction, sales and marketing alignment is essential. It is this sales-marketing alignment that allows for sales and marketing processes to blend together to create a superior customer experience.

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