Smart Sales Prospecting with Seamless Sales-Marketing Alignment

What Is Smart Sales Prospecting? 

Smart sales prospecting refers to the process of evaluating a prospect by looking at all possible sources of prospect data AND then responding to conclusions provided by that analysis. It involves keeping in touch with the prospect from the time the company initially makes contact till the time the prospect is ready to purchase. The goal of smart sales prospecting is to build a strong relationship with a prospect throughout the buying cycle. It involves cementing a business’s relationship with its prospects by
  • Providing prospects with information that they perceive as value adding
  • Being aware of customer’s ‘footprint’ and creating responses appropriate  to match the stage in the sales cycle that they’re in
  • Fostering a positive brand image about your company
Why Should your sales team engage in smart sales prospecting ?

Research by Sirius Decisions, a leading sales and marketing research provider, shows that 80% of leads that are not followed up do eventually purchase. The purchase is made from the vendor that tracks them through the buying cycle and offers well-defined solutions when they are finally ready to buy. However, with advancements in technology, prospects are able to interact with the business across a wide range of often un-related venues such as websites, social networking sites, blogs, peer-reviews, and e-mails.

Smart sales prospecting works on the principle that not every lead is immediately willing to buy. While some may be highly interested and would like to start the buying process right away, some require more time and information before they are ready to make the purchase. Smart sales prospecting involves providing buyers with the knowledge required to reach a decision. It also helps sales teams identify where they are in the buying process so you can respond appropriately.

Thus, smart sales prospecting allows a business to be ‘be there’ for the prospect without adopting an ‘in-your-face’ approach to it. It allows you to anticipate prospect needs and provide them with possible solutions –even before they ask for it…isn’t that what next generation marketing is all about?

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