Shocking B2B Statistics...

Did you know...
  • Around 40% of marketing campaigns are deemed ineffective by sales?
  • Salespeople have to make significant edits to 90% of the marketing/sales materials that the marketing teams provide them
  • B2B salespeople spend 30 hours a month searching for and creating their own selling materials
Imagine what would it be like if your marketing team was working only to the 60% of its capacity and your sales team spent only 75% of their time selling...while the rest was spent 'fixing' the stuff that came from marketing. That's what's happening in most B2B organizations right now!

These statistics are by no means surprising. Complaints of irrelevant marketing or sales materials and poor quality leads from marketing are all too common.

So, what happens when salespeople try to become marketers? Salespeople generally don't make good marketers, they don't have the skill to design that sophisticated marketing or sales material, so from the marketing perspective, the result is a poorly edited, unprofessional looking sales or marketing presentation or flyer or e-mail that sends the company's branding standards for a toss.

From the sales perspective, so much time is spent on fixing, editing and making the marketing collateral fit for use that salespersons are distracted from their core function. The collateral creation process robs them of the time they could use doing what they do best--selling.

Sales start to plummet and the blame game ensues. While sales criticizes marketing of  passing on poor quality leads, marketing accuses sales of poor lead-follow up.

What if this disconnect could be put to an end? What if marketing and sales functions were clearly aligned so that there's no gap between what's expected by sales and delivered by marketing? What if sales could just concentrate on what's their job?

Stay tuned for answers to all these questions and more as we tell you how you can turn these what-ifs into reality.

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