Virtual Tours—A must-have marketing tool

Virtual Tours are becoming a favorite among Real Estate marketers today

Many real estate brokers are resorting to Virtual Tours to showcase their listings. We now tell you why Virtual Tours are fast becoming a part of the marketing strategy of real estate brokers.

Increasing number of internet users: Research states that about 90% of property-buyers use the web extensively when looking for a new property. By creating Virtual Tours of your property and making them available online, you will be able to reach out to that 90% of the target market.

Exposure:  Virtual Tour can provide your listing the kind of exposure that cannot be compared to any other medium. You can publish your listing’s virtual tour on the social media and thus share it will millions of people on the web.

Better Response: A Virtual Tour is a refreshing change from the mundane form of marketing materials such as brochures and property flyers. A virtual tour is more likely to capture prospect attention than regular 2 dimensional images as it is interactive and gives them a ‘real feel’ of what the property is like.

Flexibility: A Virtual Tour offers a lot of flexibility when it comes to showcasing the listing. You can focus on the areas in the property that you wish to highlight. You can even attach documents, links and images to a virtual tour using hotspotting tools.

Available 24X7: Virtual Tours provide the prospects with the convenience of being able to look at the property at anytime. Making the property available to the prospects for viewing 24X7 increases the chances of the property being sold.

Saves Time: A Virtual Tour saves time for both—buyer and the broker/seller. It allows the buyers to get a good view of the property without exposing them to the pressures of an open-house or physical property tour. Based on the virtual tour the buyer can decide which properties are worth a visit and which are not. It is also beneficial for the property owner/broker as it filters out a lot of prospects and only those who are genuinely interested in the listing are likely to pursue it further.

Virtual Tours can be a great addition to your marketing strategy in today’s highly competitive marketing environment. A well-crafted virtual tour can convince buyers to physically visit the property. You can make your virtual tour stand out by making them interactive. If you are using images make sure they are of good quality and high-definition, and if you are relying on a video, make sure it is tastefully shot so as to reflect the pizzazz of the property. You can make it more interesting by adding music or make it more informative by adding commentary or documents or links using hot-spotting tools. The ultimate aim of a virtual tour is same as that of any other marketing material—to close a deal and a well-designed virtual tour will be able to do just that.


  1. what is the best marketing tools by you?

  2. I am a new person in the field of marketing.I want to know that which benefit will give in virtual marketing.I like the social media for marketing because it works easily.

  3. Is there a virtual tour solution you recommend for real estate brokers?

    1. Hi Adam,

      I would recommend provide an entire package of real estate brokerage tools for as low as a dollar a day...


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