Top 5 Reasons to Adopt Marketing Automation

Marketing automation has been around for a while and there are many companies that have successfully opted for it. But, are your wondering whether Marketing Automation is right for your company? Then this blog might help you decide. We list out the top 5 reasons to adopt marketing automation.

  1. You wish to save time: Marketing Automation helps save time. Your marketing team doesn't have to create similar marketing collateral several times a month. All repetitive tasks are taken care of by the Marketing Automation Program while your marketing team is free to focus on other important tasks.
  2. You wish to increase efficiency of your Marketing staff: With Marketing Automation into the picture, your marketing team is likely to become more efficient. As mentioned in point #1, your team gets the time to concentrate on other important tasks--basically they get more work done in lesser time. This increases the overall efficiency of your company.
  3. You have limited resources: In most companies, the marketing support to Salespersons ratio is highly skewed. Most salespersons complain of not getting enough, timely marketing support. With Marketing Automation, this problem can be fixed.
  4. You want to know what works: Marketing Automation makes the process of marketing very scientific. If you wish to know what kind of response you got for your marketing efforts, then Marketing Automation helps. Marketing Automation software programs can tell you exactly how your marketing efforts fared.
  5. You wish to personalize your marketing efforts: Personalized marketing has proven to have better results than mass-marketing. Personalizing your Marketing efforts is virtually impossible without Marketing Automation.
Simply put Marketing Automation helps you save time, money, resources and get a better return on your Marketing investments (ROI) and these reasons are compelling enough for any company, irrespective of its size to adopt Marketing Automation.

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  1. I have found with my clients that automation brings the temptation to execute more campaigns monthly but then they run out of time to analyze them all. Result: even more campaigns run by seat-of-pants than before automation.

    Also my experience with salespeople is that they will always complain about support regardless of how much or what types of support they receive. Take for example the CRM that gives them reminders of calls necessary to be returned. Poor sales habits means they will not make those calls and complain automation gives them low quality activities to perform.


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