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Branding is an important concept in marketing. Generally people identify branding with advertisements, logos, corporate standards etc. Branding actually goes far beyond the visual aspects that we see. A Brand is the identity of the company. It is how the customers/prospects of the company relate to it. No matter how good its advertisement or how classy the logo, a brand is nowhere if the market doesn't associate it with something positive. This association of the market with the company is called Brand Image.

Brand image is basically the market's perception of the company. Various factors shape this perception. They include:

  • Quality: The quality of the product or service the business provides plays and important role in shaping its brand image. No matter how the business tries to position itself, if the quality of its services or products is not up to the mark, its brand image will take a beating.
  • Customer Service: Apart from the quality of its products, the kind of service it offers to its customers also shapes its brand image. Companies that go an extra mile for its customers are more likely to win the brand battle.
  • Positioning: The way the business has positioned itself in the market also plays a role in molding its brand. The market forms brand perceptions depending on the economic class the business caters to, the location of the business outlets, the look and feel of its offices/outlets, marketing materials etc.
One point worth noting from the above list is that, even though the brand image is formed by the market, the factors influencing this perception of brand image can, all be controlled by the business. Depending on how the business wishes itself to be perceived, it should work on its customer service, quality and positioning policies.
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  1. Realtors are beginning to use high definition video as part of their marketing portfolio.

    The typical flat or static web site is skimmed quickly without much regard to the realtor trying to get their brand implanted into the memory of their audience. A marketing video changes things a bit since the realtor who is being touted in the video is becoming more known to the web visitor and more likely to be remembered when the time comes to sell their home.
    Writing a marketing script can be a bit overwhelming for those who rarely market themselves.

    Much like a resume creates a picture of a candidate looking for employment, a marketing video is your 60 second commercial to the prospective client seeking services you are offering.

    Essentially the three areas of a video constitute the opening, the hook and the close. The opening sets the stage for presenting the agent in a favorable manner and creates an instant impression of market experience and customer focus.

    I put together 3 Agent marketing templates in a flash format if interested in seeing what can be done fairly easily to differentiate a real estate agent from the rest!

  2. Good customer service is an integral part of business. Having an excellent customer service is an important strategic asset that will not only improve a company’s image, but also improve customer relationships.
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