Mindmatrix sharpens its Asset Management module to offer a more holistic sales and channel enablement platform

Asset personalization, centralized local asset creation, asset approval and the time-bound access features have been released, and new features like a comprehensive asset search have been introduced

Pittsburgh, PA, March 23, 2017: Mindmatrix Inc., the Pittsburgh-based, leading PRM, Sales & Channel Enablement company has further enhanced its asset management module to offer a more holistic sales and channel enablement experience to its users. Here’s a roundup of our latest enhancements.

‘On-behalf’ marketing: 
Mindmatrix’s asset management capabilities have been expanded to include ’On-behalf marketing’ that allows corporate marketing teams to send emails and update social media pages on behalf of their channel partners, thus allowing companies to help channel partners build their local brand and successfully market and sell vendor products at the local level.

Content syndication: 
Mindmatrix introduced the content syndication feature last year which automatically customizes sales and marketing assets to third party sites, such as social media platforms and partner portals for use at the local level, while allowing corporate marketing teams to still retain control over the brand and messaging.

Asset configuration tab and global asset search: 
Recently, Mindmatrix added an asset configuration tab and a global asset search feature to its platform and upgraded the asset filter management feature. These additions offer laser-focused asset search results because the platform's global asset search engine cuts across all asset categories.

Asset-opportunity integration & asset recommendation: 
Last few months also marked a big step forward for Mindmatrix’s asset management module in the form of the asset-opportunity integration feature. This feature works to automatically map the assets to the opportunities and offer asset recommendations to the users. The filters may be linked to the buyer position in the sales cycle, asset type, or any other asset quality, helping users narrow down the search results.

Asset approval and time-bound access: 
Mindmatrix also ensures accurate usage of every asset through its asset approval and expiration features that allows marketing teams to restrict sales teams or channel partners from accessing an asset beyond a set time or without approval.

CRM Integration: 
This was one of the biggest and most well-received enhancements of 2016. Mindmatrix’s CRM Integration made CRM a single point of usage for sales across collateral, playbooks, contacts, campaigns and operations, eliminating any need for the salespeople or channel partners to switch between the two platforms.

Presentation and proposal personalization: 
Mindmatrix’s enhancements on the personalization front have worked to take sales and marketing communications to the next level by personalizing not only email, but also other media types including presentations, proposals, PDFs, landing pages and text messages.

Kevin Hospodar, Director of Marketing, Mindmatrix, says, “Asset management, while only a single feature of our platform, is mission critical to the majority of our customer’s businesses. We don’t just leverage technology for version control or the deployment of a new asset: Mindmatrix creates a closed loop from creation, production, deployment, reporting, and optimization. With our #OnePlatformm approach you can do everything-all in one place.”

Webinar Recording: How to select and optimize your sales asset management process

Did you get a chance to attend our latest webinar on SAM Deployment? We had Peter Ostrow, Research Director, Sales Enablement Strategies, SiriusDecisions, capitlaizing on his 20+ years of revenue growth leadership in sales enablement, sales talent management, and operational expertise to focus on the nuts and bolts of SAM selection, deployment and configuration.

If you didn't make it to the live webinar, or just want to watch it again, here's a recording just for you! Watch our webinar recording to learn-

  • What are the most important attributes for a SAM environment
  • How can you conduct a sales content audit
  • What are the best practices in content tagging
  • What are the right integrations to support guided selling
  • What should your dashboard look like


PRM, Sales & Channel Enablement Leader, Mindmatrix kicks off the new year with expansion to its office space and addition of new staff

Mindmatrix has expanded its office space in Pittsburgh and doubled its staff across various teams

Mindmatrix Inc., the Pittsburgh-based, leading PRM, Sales & Channel Enablement company announced today that it has doubled its team strength and expanded its office space to serve its growing client base better. The sales enablement leader has expanded its office space from 5,000 sf. to nearly 10,000 sf. at the River Park Commons, located in the vibrant South Side of Pittsburgh.

Mindmatrix Company Logo
Harbinder Khera, CEO, Mindmatrix says, “As we emerged as the most comprehensive channel and sales enablement platform in 2016 and introduced new product features and service lines, we experienced an exponential growth in our client and partner base. We added over 200 clients last year and this called for a bigger team and correspondingly, more office space to accommodate our growth”

The company added 6 new employees to its team of which 3 are in sales and 2 in client support. One major hire has been on the marketing front. Mindmatrix has added Kevin Hospodar as the Director of Marketing. With over 10 years of technology-driven b2b marketing experience, Kevin will lead Mindmatrix’s growing marketing and brand development initiatives and global expansion.

Are you being fair to your channel partners?

Your sales teams have all they need to survive in the jungle, but what about your channel partners?
Are you being fair to your channel partners

When companies hire salespeople a lot of thought and effort goes into their training and the onboarding process. They are told exactly what is expected of them and given the support and tools to achieve those goals. Examples include having a marketing team to support their collateral needs, being provided with refresher training, and market trend updates.

However, for channel partners it is all about survival of the fittest, and that isn’t right.

Channel partners are often left to fend for themselves. At the time of recruitment they are provided with a short induction session and are then saddled with a bunch of sales and marketing materials, process documents and expected to become revenue drivers for the company within a few weeks or months. End result: another failed channel relationship.

Give your channel partners what they REALLY need: A guided sales process.

Giving your channel partners a guided sales process helps them sell more effectively. A channel sales playbook is the foundation of the guided sales process. Sales playbooks are a systematic organization of all marketing and sales assets and data that your channel partners will need to push your product/service. Playbooks help your channel partners wrestle the 3 big gorillas of the sales jungle­­ -- the what, when and how of prospect communication.