Channel enablement leader Mindmatrix to exhibit at Specialized Channel Focus 2016

Mindmatrix will be showcasing its ‘Complete Channel Management’ solution at the show

Mindmatrix is sponsoring and exhibiting at the upcoming Specialized Channel Focus 2016 to be held on November 8th & 9th in Denver, CO. Channel Focus 2016  is a unique tradeshow that addresses the new channel developments emerging in the IT industry.

Harbinder Khera, Mindmatrix CEO, is excited for the opportunity to make a case for complete channel enablement at the tradeshow. "While channel marketing platforms do a decent job of offering marketing support to channel partners, investing in a channel marketing tool alone leaves many loose ends. What channel partners really want is a complete channel management solution that can help them walk the last mile confidently and close their leads. Key elements include guided sales processes; tools that help them take the guesswork out of what to say, when to say it and how to say it to a lead, and the ability to reach out to leads at the local level, and to present the offering as one of their own. For the channel sales model to work, companies need to support their channel partners throughout the sales process-–all the way to the close. That’s the model we are presenting at the Specialized Channel Focus Tradeshow this year.”

Mindmatrix provides a sales and marketing enablement platform for direct sales, channels & dealers helping them sell more. With Mindmatrix, sales & channel managers and corporate marketing, enjoy improved visibility into sales activities, channel engagement, lead performance and asset effectiveness.

On the IT and MSP front, Mindmatrix offers the MSP-IT Advantage Program, which provides Managed Service Providers, VARs, integrators, consultants and ISVs all the tools, strategies, content and marketing and sales support they need to pursue and close leads effectively.

Catch Mindmatrix at Specialized Channel Focus 2016 on November 8th & 9th at Denver, CO to learn more.

Why is sales-marketing alignment so important for you?

In today's business environment, marketing and sales cannot function mutually exclusive of each other. This is where sales-marketing alignment comes into the picture. For a business to be able to reach its ultimate aim of customer satisfaction, an integration of sales and marketing is essential. This post elaborates how sales-marketing alignment can benefit your business.

Sales marketing alignment
Better marketing support for sales: By aligning sales and marketing, you can enjoy better marketing support for sales. A real-time, 360° view of prospects and their interactions with the business will help marketing become proactive. Marketing will be able to anticipate prospect-related sales requirements and offer sales the kind of support they need, on-demand.

Enhanced buyer experience: Well-synchronized sales and marketing functions enable marketing to provide the sales teams with personalized sales materials that enhance buyer experience through a higher degree of relevance, consistency and personalization.

Improved lead quality and shorter sales cycles: With a 360° real-time view of prospects, marketing will be able to decipher which prospects are truly sales-ready and which ones need to be nurtured. As a result, only the best leads would be passed on to sales, while marketing will continue to cultivate others until they are better qualified. From the sales perspective, improved lead quality leads to shorter sales cycles, as the time taken to close a deal is shorter.

Better Lead Management: Sales and marketing alignment promotes better lead management by bridging the gap between the parties involved in lead creation and follow-up. So, if 25% of the leads provided by marketing don’t turn into sales, you have access to relevant data to evaluate where in the ensuing sales process a lead failed.

Improved Marketing & Sales ROI: Real time prospect insight provides information that helps marketing focus its efforts and resources on the most likely prospects.  Consequently, increasing the return on marketing and sales investments.

Personalization: By bridging the gap between lead creation and follow-up, closed-loop marketing yields data that will allow every subsequent follow-up with a specific contact to become more focused.

Apart from those mentioned above, studies cite various other benefits of marketing-sales alignment including increased revenue and profit generation, decreased marketing and sales costs, and better customer retention and acquisition. Sales-marketing alignment bridges the gap between the 2 key functions of marketing and sales so that traditional 'Marketing vs. Sales' conflicts are avoided.

Sales & Channel enablement leader Mindmatrix to host the first ever sales enablement event in Pittsburgh

The event will focus on maximizing revenue generation through direct and indirect sales channels. #PGHSalesEvent2016

Mindmatrix announced today that it will be sponsoring and hosting the first ever sales enablement event in Pittsburgh. The Pittsburgh Sales Enablement Event 2016 will be held on Wednesday, November 2nd, 2016 at The Sheraton Pittsburgh Hotel at Station Square. The event will be held between 11:00 am and 2.30 pm and includes a complimentary lunch.

The critical topic of discussion at the event will be about the maximization of revenue generation through direct and indirect sales channels. Presentations will touch upon how companies can drive sales by aligning their sales and marketing better and how they can benefit from having a repeatable, guided sales process in place. 

The event targets CMOs, CXOs, CEOs, Directors and VPs who are in charge of sales, marketing, and/or operations at both the direct and the channel level. 

Peter Ostrow, Research Director, Sales Enablement Strategies, SiriusDecisions will be the keynote speaker at the event. Peter capitalizes on 20+ years of revenue growth leadership in sales enablement, sales talent management, and operational expertise. In addition, Mindmatrix is bringing in 4 leading industry experts to present at the event. They are: Jarrod Upton, VP, Guidance and Financial Planning, United Capital; Greg Gendron, VP, Marketing, Black Box Network Services; Shannon Greg, Director of Sales Operations, Teletracking Technologies and Gus Vasilakis, VP of Sales, Ciena

Speaking of the Sales Enablement Event, Harbinder Khera, CEO, Mindmatrix, said, “We're excited to have this event in Pittsburgh that brings sales & marketing leaders come together to discuss the best practices and on-going challenges in marketing and how to overcome them. This event will help companies align sales and drive focus on revenue generation through direct and indirect channels.” 

Register here to get complimentary passes for for the #PGHSalesEvent2016.

Sales & channel enablement leader Mindmatrix enhances its social media marketing module to include social lead generation tool

Mindmatrix users can now source leads from LinkedIn with a few clicks

Mindmatrix has enhanced its social media automation module to offer a specialized lead prospecting tool that helps users get the most out of their presence on LinkedIn.

The prospecting tool provides users with any LinkedIn user’s email ID, regardless of their connection level with the user. Users can add them to their contact list in the Mindmatrix platform with one click. The tool also allows users to procure the email IDs of all the members of a LinkedIn group.

Harbinder Khera, CEO, Mindmatrix, said, “We all know that social channels are a great platform to build brand on the web and to attract leads, but generating leads on social media requires ongoing time and effort. As a result, your social media activities get sidetracked when you are too busy selling. The social lead generation tool is a powerful enhancement to our existing social media marketing module which simplifies the social lead gen process.  LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional network is also a great source of B2B leads and is one of the leading social media platforms used today for B2B sales and marketing. This enhancement helps users get the most out of their presence on LinkedIn.”

Apart from the newly added social lead prospecting tool, Mindmatrix already offers social media automation via social drips and auto blogging. It also allows users to create custom fan pages, cover images, profile pictures or backgrounds.

Click here to learn more about the social selling and social media marketing module of Mindmatrix.