Making it easy for your channel partners to sell and market your products

As a vendor selling through the channel model, you know that to drive revenue through your partners it is important to keep them engaged and motivated  to sell. But how do you do it consistently when your hands are full dealing with other business challenges?

The answer: Channel Marketing Concierge Services.
Channel marketing concierge services work to offer channel partners all the marketing support they need to push your brand and sell more. They play a key role in keeping your channel partners in-tune with your offerings, brand, and marketing messaging.
Channel marketing concierge services
  • Help drive significant ROI from your investment in channel marketing programs and tools
  • Strengthen vendor-partner relationships by ensuring channel partners get timely support in selling vendor products/services
  • Ensure channel partners actually use the channel marketing resources and tools made available to them
  • Improve overall partner performance by helping them sell more
  • Ensure vendor brand and messaging stays true at every level
  • Allow vendors to scale up their channel model and support a stable of channel partners efficiently without overloading their corporate marketing teams

Channel marketing concierge services are a great mechanism to increase adoption rates of channel marketing programs among channel partners and also boost partner engagement and loyalty levels.

So what kind of concierge services do channel partners really need? Visit this blog next week to find out.

Why your channel partners are still not “up-there”

The notorious 80/20 rule applies to the channel sales model, where vendors find that 80% of their business comes from 20% of their partners. Despite their best efforts, vendors struggle to engage their partners across the spectrum. When we talk of poor channel performance, the vendors often say, “We have invested in a lot of tools and sales and marketing resources so why are our partners still not ‘up-there’?” Let’s take a look at the possible reasons for this.

Partners often lack critical marketing skills/resources
Channel partners often lack critical marketing and sales skills. A vendor’s direct sales team gets a lot of support in the form of solid training and onboarding. Plus, they have access to the corporate marketing team which takes care of their marketing collateral needs and even keeps them updated on the latest market trends. Direct salespeople know exactly what is expected of them and  are given the support and tools to achieve those goals. Channel partners, on the other hand, are often left to fend for themselves. They lack the continuous support and training that direct sales teams get.  At the time of recruitment, channel partners are provided with a short induction session, given a bunch of sales and marketing materials, process documents and then expected to become revenue drivers for the company within a few weeks or months. Without continued marketing support and coaching, channel partners find it difficult to market vendor products and services effectively.

Partners sell what sells the most, and fastest
Unlike the direct sales team working for a single company, partners have multiple vendors they sell for. They cannot focus on each vendor’s marketing program 100%. Each vendor is different and so are  their marketing strategies, tools and partner portals. Obviously, given a choice, channel partners gravitate towards those vendors’ products/services that sell more or faster with minimum effort. They are not going to engage in elaborate marketing/sales campaigns or spend time learning new marketing tools or attend training sessions when another vendor’s product just flies off the shelf

The Real Solution: Make it easy for your channel partners to sell and market your products
Ultimately, it all boils down to making it easy for your channel partners to sell. Sure, you need to offer them tools and assets that will make their job easier and help them sell faster, but you also need to make sure those tools and assets are being put to the right use, at the right time.

Now, the BIG question: Do you really have the time, as a vendor, to focus that intensely on each channel partner? 
Can you guide them and offer them timely support and answer any questions that they may have about your products/services or marketing strategies, assets and campaigns? Most likely, NO, but you can still make it work. Watch this space next week to learn how.

Mindmatrix Partner Relationship Management Software’s playbook module upgraded with exciting new features

The PRM Software’s playbook module now offers linear plays and more detailed reporting

Mindmatrix Partner Relationship Management Software has been upgraded with exciting new features to make the playbooks, training and certification modules more effective. 

The platform now allows companies to create linear internal playbooks which will be especially useful for training and certification. Linear playbooks ensure that the salespeople/channel partners do not jump from one step to another without passing through the entire training sequence. The PRM software allows companies to create multiple items within each step and also provides timelines for each item and step. For example, once a channel partner starts a training program, they will be shown the timeframe for completing the various steps within the training program and the entire program as well. They will also be shown the percentage of completion as they progress from one step to another. From the corporate perspective, channel managers get reports on the percentage of completion in the aggregate and also at individual partner level. Apart from helping channel managers judge the engagement levels of their channel partners, this helps them figure out how popular their training and certification courses are among the channel partners.

Harbinder Khera, CEO, Mindmatrix, says, “Training and certification programs play a key role in successful partner relationship management. Companies need to know how effective their training programs are and how responsive channel partners are to them. Recent updates to the Mindmatrix partner relationship management software helps companies gauge these parameters and take corrective action as needed.”

About Mindmatrix
Mindmatrix combines Partner Relationship Management (PRM), Channel Marketing, Asset Management, Sales Enablement, and Marketing Automation for the complete enablement of your sales and marketing teams. This unified platform takes you through every step in the sales process from lead to revenue, enabling your sales channels to sell more, faster.
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Mindmatrix-SiriusDecisions Webinar Recording: Channel Marketing Concierge

The Mindmatrix-SiriusDecisions Webinar on Channel Marketing Concierge had Angela Leech, Research Director-SiriusDecisions, discussing

  • The most effective means for delivering channel marketing programs that achieve the highest adoption rates and ROI
  • The 5 elements of an effective channel marketing concierge model
  • Tell you how to prepare for successful channel marketing enablement through marketing concierge services
  • How you can drive better adoption, engagement and channel marketing performance with channel marketing concierge services


A little about Angela- With over 22 years of experience with channel partners and global partner programs, Angela is a channel marketing professional with demonstrated success in to-partner, with-partner and through-partner marketing programs utilizing all elements of the marketing repertoire. Angela has spent a lot time using emerging technologies to address regional resource challenges; she has deployed marketing automation systems and partner platforms and has consolidated and centralized partner marketing support. In addition, she has acquired many insights into marketing operations and processes.

If you missed this webinar, please click here to watch the recording now!