Here’s one way to put your channel partners on the road to success

Channel partners road to success
Vendors often fail to provide their channel partners with a guided sales process. When a new channel partner is recruited, they are provided with a bunch of documents related to the product/service they are to push. They are never really given a clear roadmap or action plan on how to sell. Lacking that, channel partners find themselves grappling with questions such as what to say, when to say it and how to say it to their prospects. Such selling is not very effective, ends up being quite generic and often ignores the USPs of the product/service. The lack of a guided sales process and insufficient training and guidance for channel partners hinders lead closure leading to poor channel performance. Offer your channel partners a guided sales process—a clear action plan for selling. They are more likely to be successful when they have a roadmap that covers every possible milestone on their way to a sale.

Tip: Channel sales playbooks play a role in the creation of a guided sales process. A playbook helps connect your content to the buying stages. It lets you map your sales assets to the relevant point in the buyer’s journey and gives your channel partners easy access to all the sales and marketing assets they need when reaching out to their leads. Create playbooks for different plays, different sales cycle milestones and even different prospect personas, and pain points. Once you give your channel partners the answer to the when, what and how of selling, you will make it a lot easier for them to close leads.

PRM, Sales & Channel Enablement Leader, Mindmatrix is a Sponsor at the SiriusDecisions Sales Leadership Exchange 2017

Mindmatrix will be at Booth #104 at the SLE 2017 to be held on February 22-24, at Arizona

Mindmatrix Inc., the Pittsburgh-based, leading PRM, Sales & Channel Enablement company is sponsoring and exhibiting at SiriusDecisions Sales Leadership Exchange 2017 to be held at the Fairmont Princess in Scottsdale, AZ on February 22-24, 2017.

Mindmatrix-SLE 2017

The Sales Leadership Exchange is hosted by SiriusDecisions, the leading global B2B research and advisory firm. The Sales Leadership Exchange is an annual two day event that brings together SiriusDecision’s top analysts and the world’s most significant sales leadership.

Several Mindmatrix executives will be participating in the SiriusDecisions Sales Leadership Exchange 2017 and are looking forward to the event as an opportunity to engage with hundreds of decision makers and have a dialogue on the power of sales and channel enablement, and the unique value offered by the Mindmatrix platform.

Harbinder Khera, CEO, Mindmatrix, says, “This is the second year that we will be exhibiting at the SiriusDecisions Sales Leadership Exchange. For us, SLE 2016 presented a great opportunity to interact and network with sales leaders and decision makers from various industry verticals. We are looking forward to an even more exciting Leadership Exchange this year because Mindmatrix is attending after a transformative year in 2016. We opened two new offices, more than doubled our staff, expanded our office space in Pittsburgh, and added tremendously to our client and partner base. We have also become more power-packed as a platform. We have introduced exciting new features and service lines and can’t wait to share all this with our booth visitors at the show.”

To schedule a visit with Mindmatrix at the Sales Leadership Exchange, please email or call 412-381-0230. Event attendees are encouraged to visit Mindmatrix at booth #104 during the Leadership Exchange.

Taylor Business Group and Mindmatrix Join to Offer the Ultimate Sales & Marketing Enablement Package to Taylor Business Group Clients

The partnership brings Mindmatrix’s MSP-IT Advantage Program, a powerful combination of cutting edge Sales & Marketing Enablement Tools to Taylor Business Group clients to help them engage in a more effective MSP-IT sales and marketing strategy

Mindmatrix has partnered with the Taylor Business Group to make its marketing and sales enablement platform available to Taylor Business Group clients. The Taylor Business Group is a leading provider of business coaching services and peer groups (for owners and services leaders) to IT and managed service providers.

Powered by Mindmatrix, the MSP-IT Advantage Program will help Taylor Business Group clients generate leads, automate marketing and sales activities, and close more opportunities without allocating additional time and resources. Signing up for the MSP-IT Advantage Program offers Taylor Business Group clients full access to the Mindmatrix marketing automation and sales enablement platform. This includes fresh, professionally written sales and marketing content, seamless PSA-CRM integration, business audit and coaching, and concierge support services. Taylor Business Group clients also gain unrestricted access to Mindmatrix’s client support networks.

Both Mindmatrix and TBG share the belief that building the sales and marketing competency of the owner and MSP leadership team is essential to drive sales, achieve scale, and maximize the value of their MSP/IT business. Without developing this competency, most MSPs will face stagnation in the years ahead.

Together, TBG and Mindmatrix are building a common transformation roadmap that has produced record sales results for many of their clients. The foundation of this success for both companies is to work hands-on with MSP owners over a sustained period of time to execute results-driven sales and marketing programs.

Michael Cummings, Director of The Sales Transformation Program for Taylor Business Group, says “As a leading business consultant for IT and managed service providers, we come across clients everyday who want to grow their customer base. However, investing in a sales or marketing automation platform doesn’t help them much because they often end up not using it to its full potential. Either they are too busy with the day-to-day activities of their business or lack the expertise and resources to dive deeply and consistently into marketing and sales activities. The MSP-IT Advantage Program by Mindmatrix goes beyond traditional marketing automation tools to fill this gap with its unique 5-step holistic approach to sales and marketing enablement. By combining cutting-edge sales and marketing enablement technology with strategy, content and seamless CRM/PSA integration, the MSP-IT Advantage Program is the most comprehensive sales and marketing program for IT and managed service providers available today.”

Harbinder Khera, CEO, Mindmatrix, said, “We are really excited to work with Taylor Business Group and their clients. Mindmatrix’s mission has always been to help our clients sell more. As one of the top business coaches for IT and managed service providers, Taylor Business Group’s goal is the same. This partnership has the potential to change the landscape of MSP-IT marketing and sales, taking it to a whole new level. We are eagerly looking forward to that.”

About Taylor Business Group:

Taylor Business Group is an IT Solution Provider centric consulting firm. Founded in 2001, TBG has brought efficiencies and higher profits to IT Solution Providers through a focused effort in delivering best practices to the ITSP's service, sales and administrative functions via:

  • Management Consulting
  • Financial and Accounting Consulting
  • Management and Sales Workshops
  • Business Improvement Groups (owner and service manager based peer groups)
  • Roadmap to Profitability Financial Dashboard

For more information about the Mindmatrix-Taylor Business Group partnership, please reach out to Michael Cummings, Director of The Sales Transformation Program, Taylor Business Group. Michael may be reached at or via phone at 630-442-1409. To learn more about Taylor Business Group and its services, please visit

Valentine’s special: Keep your channel partners committed to you...always

Keep your channel partners committed
If you thought attracting, recruiting and onboarding the right channel partners was a challenge, a bigger challenge awaits: keeping them engaged. Keeping your channel partners committed to your brand takes a lot more than annual lunch and learns. It takes a lot more than quarterly meetings. Keeping your channel partners engaged takes continuous interaction—it requires staying in touch at regular intervals: ‘checking-in’ if things are going smoothly; offering that much needed ‘pat-on-the-back’ to encourage them; and having ‘the talk’ about your channel relationship not heading where you wanted it to.

Tip: Create partner engagement email or SMS drips that keep you in touch with your channel partners automatically, even while you are focusing on other, more important aspects of your business. Imagine sending them personalized, automated, regular updates about your products/services, upcoming training/certification programs, new marketing campaigns, brand positioning and values, etc. That will automatically increase their interest and engagement levels and keep them committed to your brand.