Mindmatrix's 'on-behalf marketing' feature works to further strengthen partner relationships

The PRM software empowers vendors to engage in powerful social media and email marketing campaigns on behalf of their channel partners

Mindmatrix PRM software now allows corporate marketing teams to engage in marketing and sales campaigns for their channel partners through its 'on-behalf marketing’ feature. The ‘on-behalf’ module of Mindmatrix channel marketing software allows corporate marketing teams to send emails and update social media pages on behalf of their channel partners, thus allowing companies to help channel partners build their local brand and successfully market and sell vendor products at the local level.

This feature is in addition to the PRM software’s ‘Content syndication’ module, which automatically customizes sales and marketing assets to third party sites, such as social media platforms and partner portals for use at the local level. The content syndication module makes channel partner marketing easy by offering corporate marketing teams an interface to create everything channel partners need from their corporate offices. That includes customized email campaigns, social media campaigns, landing pages, advertising campaigns and sales materials. All of these assets can be customized for each of the channel partners, helping them engage in local marketing effectively. Meanwhile, corporate marketing teams still retain control over the brand and messaging.

Harbinder Khera, CEO, Mindmatrix says, “The key to strengthening channel partner relationships is making it easy for them to sell. Mindmatrix’s on-behalf marketing module and the content syndication module are all efforts to make this happen. We all know that effective marketing and brand building demands consistency, but often the channel partners are too busy selling to be consistent in social media or email marketing. Our PRM software offers companies ways to ensure their channel partners are consistently pushing their products and services on social media and via emails without taking their focus away from their main task at hand—selling. So, while your channel partners are off selling, our software works with you behind the scenes to help build their personal brand and relationship with clients to help them close more leads for you, faster.”

Here’s why you need channel partner portals

Unlike salespeople, your channel partners don’t have hands-on access to your sales/marketing training sessions or brand induction workshops. They don’t have the luxury of having a solid sales game plan written out for them every quarter. A partner portal compensates for this by providing your channel partners with easy access to critical elements that will help them close deals faster. A partner portal plays a key role in helping make it easy for them to sell more for you.

Channel Partner Portal
Tip: Make sure your partner portal covers EVERYTHING that your channel partners will need when selling your product or service. Examples include asset repository, deal registration capability, MDF application, access to training & certification programs, access to chat support so they can reach out to you instantly. Channel partner portals are becoming commonplace. If you want your channel partners to use your partner portal regularly, you need to make it better than the others. Offer tools for collaboration, support and assistance direct from the portal, and of course, make sure it is available whenever they need it. That means making sure your partner portal is accessible via smartphone and other internet enabled devices. The more hassle-free your partner portal, the greater the chances your channel partners will actually use it.

To learn more about how you can ensure 100% adoption of your partner portal, download our whitepaper, "9 Must-Haves for an Excellent Partner Portal".

In our post - Thanksgiving piece, we tell you 7 things your channel partners will secretly thank you for...

Helping your channel partners see the path to success by handholding them through the sales process

When your channel partners are new, close one or two deals for them. Show your channel partners how it is done and watch them believe more in you, your products and your sales process. By doing this, you not only convince them that your product/service is easily saleable, but also win your channel partner’s trust and confidence by proving that you are truly their partner in success.

Being available for your channel partners. Always.

Offer your channel partners multiple touch-points to stay connected with you. Examples include chat, phone, emails, quarterly meetings, etc. Also, make it easy for them to reach out to you. Ideally, a click on your partner portal should be all that they need to connect with you. Offering a quick turnaround also sends the message that you truly care and want them to succeed.

Having an impressive partner reward program in place

Your salespeople get commission, invitations to company dinners, events, etc. What about your channel partners? Don’t forget to motivate your channel partners. They are a part of your sales network just like the direct sales team. Have a value adding partner program in place to motivate your channel partners to sell.

Offering your channel partners a guided sales process

The lack of a guided sales process and insufficient training and guidance for channel partners hinders lead closure leading to poor channel performance. Offer your channel partners a guided sales process—a clear action plan for selling. They are more likely to be successful when they have a roadmap that covers every possible milestone on their way to a sale.

Protecting your channel partner’s interests

Today’s competitive business environment is making profit margins slimmer than ever. Channel conflicts can strain your channel relationships and cost you valued channel partners. If you want your channel partners to work enthusiastically for you, you need to prove that you care enough to protect their interests and revenue. Your deal registration process, MDF allocation and disbursal process, etc work to convey the message to them.

Bringing the tools and assets to your channel partners rather than expecting them to ask for them

Take the tools and assets your channel partners need  to them, rather than them having to ask you. Because they never will!  Find a way to fit your marketing and sales assets into the systems they use on a daily basis such as their gmail account, Outlook  or even their CRM. When integrating your tools and assets make sure it also integrates with any third party portals that your channel partners may already have. Examples include their product database systems, war-rooms, cloud based vaults, etc.

Help your channel partners behind the scenes by generating leads for them

Take some work away from  your channel partners without adding to yours! Use sales and marketing enablement tools that help you create lead generating marketing campaigns, landing pages, microsites, etc. Run marketing and sales programs on behalf of your channel partners. Content syndication tools, centralized local marketing tools and tools that let you market on behalf of your channel partners will help you run the show smoothly and drive leads for your sales channels at the local level. This will also keep your brand safe.

Treat your channel partners like an extended sales team, give them every kind of support they need to sell, make them feel like a part of your organization and watch them thank you by treating your brand like their own.

Mindmatrix introduces exclusive partner engagement enhancement services

Backed by its MSP-IT Advantage Program success, Mindmatrix introduces the same model for partner engagement across other industry verticals

Mindmatrix has introduced exclusive services to help companies enhance their partner engagement levels. The partner engagement package from Mindmatrix covers every aspect of “partner relationship management,” including partner onboarding, training, coaching, and now offers a sales and marketing concierge service for channel partners. Mindmatrix, the leading channel, sales and marketing enablement solution provider first introduced this model of sales and marketing enablement for the MSP-IT market 3 years ago. After having helped hundreds of MSPs, VARs, Integrators, IT service providers and consultants boost their marketing and sales results, Mindmatrix has now introduced the same solution to other industry verticals.

Harbinder Khera, CEO, Mindmatrix says, “When we started working with MSPs, VARs, Integrators, IT service providers and consultants, we realized that providing them with a sales and marketing automation software alone was not enough. They also needed help with how to apply the software and use it to the fullest. They were also lost when it came to implementing sales and marketing best practices because they were too busy working in their business to deal with marketing. This prompted us to introduce the MSP-IT Advantage Program--a complete sales and marketing enablement package for MSPs and IT solution providers that included not just the software, but also sales and marketing training, coaching and even dedicated staff–concierge services–who ensured all sales and marketing tasks were implemented in a timely manner. This new model of enablement helped our client base enjoy sales and marketing success like never before. Now, we have taken these lessons and applied them to the larger sphere of enterprise markets. We believe that if companies want 100% partner engagement and adoption, they need to help their partners get things done. 

Companies increasingly rely on the channel sales model to grow their business across the globe, but are often dissatisfied with the results. When channel partners work with multiple vendors the competition is intense and often it is the channel partner who chooses the winning brand. Mindmatrix’s partner engagement services cover every aspect of the partner relationship including channel partner onboarding, training, coaching, sales and marketing concierge and support for channel partners, with in-depth partner activity monitoring and partner engagement tracking. In an era where channel partners are dealing with multiple products and multiple vendors, our partner engagement solution works at every level to ensure your brand emerges a winner by making it easy for your channel partners to successfully work for you.“

One of the early adopters of Mindmatrix’s partner engagement solutions is Crexendo--a leading, full-service cloud solutions provider that delivers critical voice and data technology infrastructure services to the start-up, SMB and small enterprise markets. Crexendo signed up with Mindmatrix for sales and marketing enablement of its 150+ direct and channel partners and has already seen a 30% increase in partner engagement, 75% improvement in asset consumption, and 15% rise in partner recruitment. Cassandra Anderson, Director of Channel Sales for Crexendo stated, "We know that to build long-lasting, profitable and engaged channel relationships and to dominate mindshare, we should be delivering overall business value and Mindmatrix’s partner engagement solution helps us do that. It offers us ways to help our channel partners expand their business which spells success for us."